Lou Gallo and The Very Hungry Band

Vanderbilt Ymca
224 E 47th st.
Singing Stories Program 
Thursday mornings 
10:00 am 6-18 months
11:00 18months -2 years
offering free trial class
       Free Concerts
October 26th
Teardrop Park
Camp sing along 
4:30-5:30 Battery Park
St Catherine Park
1st Ave and 68th 
10th November
with Jean and Ilusha from The Very Hungry Band 
Singing Stories classes
Battery Park Day Nursery 4:00 - 4:30 Monday's
215 South End Ave
(Drop in $24.00)
212 945-0088 space is limited
New Sharks and Dinosaurs Video https://www.youtube/kX8LMOfWmd4
Listen on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deYneBphrvE
No Molly on Youtube https://youtu.be/zV-4bE6GMDw
Lou Gallo has a long history of performing for children.                                                                                                                            Starting out teaching song writing at the Children’s Museum of the Arts in SoHo, then forming                                                                       The Imagination Workshop Band, he began a 17 year adventure into the world of children’s music. 
Lou followed in the footsteps of Laurie Berkner as a music teacher at the Rockefeller University’s Child and Family Center.                                          
He performed with Brady Rymer, and classic children’s books set to music were introduced to their young audiences.
Lou now offers literacy education in the form of a song.  Lou’s performances are interactive and incorporate the elements of musical composition, melody, and rhythm. Lou offers wonderful entertainment artfully wrapped in an educational program that has taken him to schools, libraries, parks, and concert series throughout the tri-state area.   
   Mem Fox author of Reading Magic says, “I love what you are doing, 
      especially as the rhyme, rhythm, repetition and tunes of your songs 
         will be laying down the firmest foundations of literacy in every child who enjoys them.”

          Bruce Degen, author of Jamberry and Mooncake writes, “Your 
            musical treatment of my book was just delightful!  It was perfect.”
Most recently, Lou joined forces with Jean Rohe, a wonderful songwriter, vocalist, and instrumentalist.   Together with other talented musicians they formed “The Very Hungry Band” - a playful group whose impeccable musicianship and down-to-earth antics never fail to captivate their fans.  “Walk the Dog” is their debut album. 
Lou had the privilege of performing one of his original tunes, I’m Home for the Kaplan Thaler Ad Agency and the Ad Council.  A song Lou wrote to express the joy of being home with his family was chosen for a national TV and radio campaign entitled Making Home Affordable, a program that helps homeowners who are facing foreclosure. Follow the link to see the ad. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHBOqWvIRIM/
Lou is a musician and dad (and runner.)  He combined these roles to serenade his children...then it became his beloved career.
Music and CDs available on iTunes, CD Baby, and lougallo.com
201 791-4251 for booking and performances